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The non-distilling dry cleaning machine built with EM technology.

How can EM soap provide problem free, superior, cleaning results without distillation?

The EM present in the EM soap breaks down the macromolecular pollutants into its monomers and degrades the accumulated dirt on the clothing. The pollutants monomerized by the EM become almost weightless, like lint, and are eventually removed through the lint filter. Any pollutants and pigments not broken down are trapped at the final stage in the EM filter and the filtrates are monomerized by the microorganisms in the EM filter and EM soap. By using the above principles, machine maintenance is easier and cleaner than a machine using distillation. Sludge is non-existant, so filter clogging does not, and cannot occur.

A non-distillation system will provide the following advantages to the dry cleaner.

The cost of maintaining a non-distilling machine is dramatically reduced due to the fact that gas, electric, water and sludge disposal are eliminated. Maintenance is far easier and working hours are greatly reduced because of non-distillation. Since the majority of machine failures occur in the distillation system, the rate of failures decreases significantly. Hydrocarbon solvent in a system using distillation becomes degenerated as time progresses and the solvent loses its effectiveness. EM Natura is non-distilling system and avoids this type of problem.