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01 All-in-one

The All-in-One Series is innovative space efficient with four functions: Dry cleaning, Wet Cleaning, Washer, Dryer. The All-in-One Series simplifies cleaning by choosing the functions depending on the types, color, various stains, omaments and etc of the clothes.

02 High Performance Design

InnoClean offers a faster and safer cleaning experience with technologies such as solvent volume control, gas concentration control and etc. Cleaning Cycle:44-55 minutes(cleaning:20-30 minutes, Drying:18-25 minutes).

03 High-Distillation Unit

The high performance distillation device ensures clean and clear solvent for every single time you use it.

04 Convenient Maintenance Features

InnoClean has a function that automatically cleans the solvent tank and various filters.

05 Soft Mount System

The Soft Mount System pushes the maximum drying speed up 800-900rpm, yet it is safe because does not transfer vibration. in addition, the high velocity revolution is not only favorable for removing stains but also shortens the drying time.

06 Advanced Touch Control System

The 8.4” big screen Color Touch Panel is easy to operate and control all the functions of the cleaner on the touch screen.

07 Eco-Friendly Solvent Management System

The high performance distillation, water separator, carbon filter and other various cleaning devices prevent bacteria formations, providing a more pleasant working environment as well as keeping the clothes odor-free CSD.